The Restoration and Structural Repair Experts

CA.Lic #474076 Lic Classes B,  C-8, C-61


1.  Spall repairs on horizontal and vertical surfaces using polymer-modified, Portland-cement, fast setting mortar as a structural repair on parking structures, industrial plants, bridges, tunnels, dams, and all types of concrete structures.

2.  Epoxy Injection on horizontal and vertical surfaces using high-modulus, low-viscosity, high strength epoxy grouting/sealer/binder adhesive as a repair on all types of structures, including concrete, masonry and wood.

3.  Carbon fiber structural strengthening is used on all types of structures for structural strengthening for columns, beams, wood beams and masonry walls.

4.  Polyurethane chemical grouting creates a permanent water barrier for below grade structures in all types of conditions for dams, water pipes, WWTP, WTP, elevator pits, manholes and many other applications.


SHOLL CONSTRUCTION CO. INC. has specialized in these types of repairs since the early 1980’s doing all types of repairs to concrete structures. We have successfully injected with Sika products over 10,000 lf. all types of structures, as well as over 10,000 lf. chemical grouting.

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